The Academia de Centroamérica is a private, nonprofit and nonpartisan research center with headquarters in Costa Rica. It was founded in 1969 and its main pursuit is focused on promoting research in the social sciences area, particularly on policymaking.

Areas of work

  • Financial sector
  • Microfinance
  • International trade
  • Macroeconomic issues
  • Tax Reform
  • Economic development
  • Distribution of income and poverty
  • Education
  • Climate change
  • Innovation


Macroeconomic studies

The Academia was a pioneer in the elaboration of macroeconomic studies in the country through its so-called Annual Studies (Estudios Anuales).

Economic reform

Its research and dissemination events have contributed to the public debate of the trade reform and financial liberalization in Costa Rica. The Organization was a laboratory of research and ideas on economic reform during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Financial Sector Reform

The Academia provided technical advice and guidance in the legal reforms, as well as analysis of practical issues in rural microfinance organizations.

Social policy agenda

the Academia has contributed with important research studies about poverty and income distribution.

Other areas

The scope of the analysis has been broadening throughout the years to include topics such as fiscal reform, foreign direct investment, education, regulatory framework, agricultural value chains and many others.


The Academia de Centroamérica endeavors to:

  • Create awareness on the importance of economic and social development, as well as the mechanisms to achieve it, within a framework of democracy and individual freedoms.
  • Promote the analysis of economic and social policies within the perspective of a market economy.
  • Provide support to its Associates in developing their projects and programs.


Become a reliable think tank and a source of reference, in the economic and social development areas, as well as in analysis and policy making


What are we?

We are a private, nonprofit research center in the field of social sciences, based in Costa Rica.


How we do it?

We carry out studies and outreach activities with financial support from the private sector, foundations and others.


Who are we?

Our associates are economists and other prestigious Costa Rican professionals.


Why we do it?

We try to introduce economical concepts in the political discussions of the country and make them a key instrument to understand and think about national issues.